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High quality prints in size "large" on canvas or paper (exact sizes are listed below depending on the size of the original). All pieces are also available as size "small" on card stock. Large pieces come rolled in a shipping tube. Canvas prints include stretcher bars and wire for hanging - they are shipped rolled and will need to be taken to a frame shop to be stretched. Shipping costs will be determined based on destination.

"Baby of the Fae", "Village Animals" vol. 1 & 2, "Wisteria and Hummingbirds", "What Camp Means to Me", "Cosmos" diptych, "Roo"
  • "Large" 2ft x 3ft eco-solvent print on canvas: $315 plus shipping (includes stretcher bars and wire)
  • "Large" 2ft x 3ft fine art print on paper: $205 plus shipping
"By the River", "All the Friends", "Interactions", "Genesis" triptych, "Tea Time", "The Vista"
  • "Large" 2ft x 4ft eco-solvent print on canvas: $350 plus shipping (includes stretcher bars and wire)
  • "Large" 2ft x 4ft fine art print on paper: $270 plus shipping
All pieces
  • "Small" 11x17 card stock: $20 includes shipping

Other options TBD! There are some pieces from past years that we would love to offer (remember Wren's pinhole camera? Chiquita's mosaic?) but due to the uniquely sized originals we will need to do custom sized prints. Any special requests (for instance if you'd like a size not listed here), write a note to Mèimei in the message field of this form and we'll see about doing a custom order.

We will collect the first run of print orders until July 31st and then commence printing and shipping! Your print should arrive in August. I will send an announcement once prints have shipped.

  • If you'd like to ship prints to more than one address, please fill out the form separately for each shipping destination.
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