Camp Grounded Artist in Residence Program

At each session of Camp Grounded, three professional artists created large format pieces shoulder to shoulder, outdoors under the trees and stars. The goal of the Artist in Residence program (AiR) is to inspire and educate; to encourage Campers to make their own pieces using materials at the Art Barn and to inspire creativity once they return home.

Every time we do an AiR, the truth is we don't really know what will happen! But we give ourselves permission to show up and make our best works. By nature artists come to the conversation with a blank canvas and have to push through an intense level of the unknown to get to a point of common conversation. AiR was at camp to share this elusive and exciting process from start to finish, bringing the audience along the path from spark to execution in a number of different styles and methods. Your Artists in Residence made huge pieces, pushed the envelope, grew through mistakes, and came out the other side with awesome pieces that you witnessed!

All of the works are now available for purchase by auction in their original form and as high quality prints.  Pieces from previous years of Camp Grounded are also available. Check out our gallery by clicking the button below.

"Second Place" Vickrey Auction

A Vickrey auction is a type of sealed-bid auction. Bidders submit written bids without knowing the bids of the other people in the auction.

The winner pays the second-highest price, not the price they themselves bid.

Bidding for the large format original works starts at $1,200 (unless otherwise listed. Check the Gallery page to see minimum bids for each piece.)

You decide the maximum value you are willing to pay and submit a bid for that amount. If you are the highest bidder you will only pay whatever the second-highest bid was (or $1,200 if you are the only bidder). So, a "second place" mechanism encourages everyone to bid truthfully, and the piece goes to the person who values it at the highest price.

Please take a look at the Gallery and then click the button below to open the bidding form.

Bidding closes July 31st.

The originals are not stretched or framed. They will be shipped as rolled canvas (or paper). Local pickups in the SF Bay Area can be arranged.

High quality prints

Don't have the wall space for a four foot by six foot canvas original? You can still bring home a piece of Camp Grounded's AiR program with a high quality print in a smaller size. Click the button below to open the ordering form for prints.

Blue Moon serenades us under the stars

Blue Moon serenades us under the stars