meet the Camp Grounded visual artists


Forest stearns

At Camp Grounded you can call him PRACTICEThis passionate human wholeheartedly believes that a dedicated regiment of daily practice will bring you to nirvana, or at least save you from personal bordom. Creativity is what makes us human, live that. Practice is a veteran of CG, being involved since it's fledgling year, creating a successful algorithm for making huge and dramatic live art murals for the audience to be involved in. His love for nature and family inspires his exciting multimedia artworks. 


Stearns holds an MFA in illustration and a BFA in fine art. His work is constantly melding genres of science, nature and humanity with an assertive drawing style supported by energetic colors. His has created diverse bodies of artwork around the world and has produced the first art show in Earth's orbit in collaboration with Planet Labs in SF. His artworks are in many private collections and on public display at the Smithsonian Air and Space, NASA, and the UN in Vienna. In the default world this super prolific Space Artist known as DRAWEVERYWHERE.  

Practice is the producer of Camp Grounded's Artist in Residence program. This program blossomed from the desire to share the process of making live art with the audience,  synonymous to the process of watching live music. When the audience sees and feels the art making flowstate they are inspired to dive into their own creativity. The fruit of this is the viewers go on to be more creative in their own solution solving and adventure making. Camp is usually against work talk, but the musicians and artists that are showcased at CG are professionals driven to live the creative work/life balance.



Carmen Olson

Camp Grounded art director Carmen Olson (aka Mèimei) likes to get her paws into a variety of fields and media. Whether it be narrative and scientific illustration, giant stilt-walking puppets or tiny puppets in their own suitcase stage, linocut printmaking, embroidery, people-activated installations or hand-painted typography - she loves to tinker around, to learn and to teach, and collaborate with other artists. 



Hannah Rothstein

aka Avocado is a conceptual artist and painter. Her work has been featured in TIME, Vogue Italia, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, and more. 

Born with a contagious can-do attitude, Avocado works with a wide variety of media including watercolor, acrylic, digital art, pen and ink, and puns. In 2016 she published two books, Yoga for Bros and The Cocktail Hour Coloring Book.

Currently living in Berkeley, CA, Avocado spends a lot time of biking, climbing, wearing costumes, and talkingto strangers. She's excited to return to camp for another year of making art and meeting wonderful people.

Follow Avocado's work on Instagram @HRothsteinArt


hunter franks

Hunter Franks creates invitations to reimagine our social and physical landscapes. His visual work and participatory public installations engage individuals and communities alike and prompt curiosity and connection. Projects include a 500 person dinner on a freeway, a storytelling exchange to connect disparate neighborhoods, a swing installed on a subway, and providing philosophical antidotes to people’s fears. His Neighborhood Postcard Project has been carried out in 23 communities from Chennai, India to Santiago, Chile and his League of Creative Interventionists has chapters in cities around the world from Cologne, Germany to Wichita, Kansas. His work has been displayed and carried out around the United States including at the Akron Art Museum, Google, 111 Minna Gallery, and Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. In 2011 he walked from Los Angeles to New Mexico — an experience that continues to fuel his desire to tell the stories of underrepresented people and places. He currently resides in San Francisco, California.



dianne stearns

AKA “SQUEEZIX” Multi Media Artist, Wife, Forest’s Mother and River’s (Roo's) Grandma!!

Having grown up in a creative family in the San Francisco Bay Area, the artistic seed was planted and nurtured. The extensive exposure to art at home and in school included silversmithing, leather works, copper enamel, ceramics, stained glass, wood cut, printmaking, painted murals and lithographs.

 After attending college, Dianne achieved a license in nursing, was married and moved to the Sierra foothills. Family became a vivid priority . Dianne gave up her career in nursing to raise her

son, Forest Glen Stearns, Yes, that’s the famous “Practice” you know and love!!! While doing so she became the proprietor of three businesses as a well known watercolorist, calligrapher, graphic artist and freehand glass engraver. Her art has found it’s way into galleries and the hands of European clients, movie producers and astronauts. She has curated and judged many art shows in Central California.

Expressing Art Joy as a life signature: Many decades passed and life threw Dianne a curve in the way of a near fatal challenge. Against incredible odds she and the angel on her shoulder survived with a new middle name: ”Gratitude”. Dianne decided that the best way to use this gift of survival was to dedicate herself to helping children and adults truly SEE their world through art. Teaching became her “passion gift” to pay forward.

After many years of traveling and teaching workshops and retreats, Dianne has become a well known mosaicist, facilitating many large public installation mosaics in Tuolumne County. When she is not riding the high Sierras on her horse with her husband Ron, Dianne teaches art to students through the California Arts Council.


adam rosendahl

Adam Rosendahl is a creative facilitator, event producer, and DJ based in Oakland, CA. In 2012 he founded LATE NITE ART, LLC. Since then, he’s been on a creative rampage: leading over 100+ LNA events in 6 countries, with over 5,000 participants.

From federal probation officers and corporate executives to social entrepreneurs and university students, Adam has a knack for lighting the creative spark in people. He specializes in using the arts to positively shift corporate culture, enhance leadership capacity, and make learning more fun. He firmly believes that engaging the imagination is the key to changing our culture.